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Annapurna Homestay Trek

Annapurna Homestay Trek

Travel to Nepal and hike through the Annapurnas, one of the most naturally beautiful regions on the planet, on this active adventure. Through rocky terrain, lush forests and fields of wildflowers, and under the shadow of snowy peaks, spend each day walking through the wonder of nature. Stop and rest at rural villages for a glimpse into a simple, traditional life. Reach a prime vantage point which offers panoramic views of the awesome Annapurna region – a true highlight of an unforgettable journey.



    • The hills can be steep and the going tough, but the rewards at your destination are well worth the aching legs. Sit back with a cup of tea after a long day and watch the kids play, the sun set and the locals go about their lives.
    • Pokhara must be the most relaxed place in Nepal. Spend a few extra days soaking it up.
    • Gain a fascinating insight into ‘real’ life in the Gurung villages, where you’re unlikely to see other tourists.
    • Watch a magnificent sunrise over the Himalayan massif from Sarangkot.
    • Prepare for some stunning views of the surrounding snowy mountains. Better yet, enjoy these with a local leader and porters who will quickly become firm friends.
    • Stay in local tea houses for a more authentic experience.

    07/02/2023 through 12/23/2024
    07/02/2023 through 12/26/2024

    Day 1 Pokhara/Kalikasthan - Yangjakot trek (1440m)
    Day 2 Yangjakot - Tanting trek (1580m)
    Day 3 Tanting - Siklis trek (1980m)
    Day 4 Siklis to Ghale Gaun trek (1620m)
    Day 5 Ghale Gaun to Bhurjung Khola trek/Pokhara

    07/06/23 - 12/26/24

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